HU vs MSU Fashion Show Recap

Photo & Video by Travis White

Both of the fashion shows were great but on two different scales. It’s almost like comparing street fashion to high fashion, both are appreciated but in their own realms.

(Howard Univ) One of my favorite HBCU owns accessory line,AKEYNO.

The african print head pieces added a touch of originality.

Howard University’s spring fashion show was entitled “Envy, A Sinful Desire”. I appreciated how Howard used a lot of Howard’s own designers like LaVita clothing, Be You designs, and of course Howard paraphernalia! The fashion show definitely showcased an HBCU experience with the crowd dancing during intermission, Fraternities and Sororities strolling, and other organizations taking group photos. It reminded me once again why I chose an HBCU!


(Morgan State Univ) Jean Jumpers are back! The eyewear really set this look off.

Morgan State University’s fashion show was a completely different vibe. They accomplished their goal of putting on a high fashion couture show. The way they utilized the whole showroom as their runway was brilliant. They made sure everyone is the house felt like they were VIP. They paid tribute to different magazines such as GQ, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. That is exactly how they modeled their show, as if they were in NYC’s fashion week. The diversity of the clothing was amazing. They showcased everything from creative one piece bathing suites to couture upscale dresses!



News Press Video

HU Vs MSU Spring Fashion from HBCU Buzz on Vimeo.


By ‘The ProFashional’

Video By Travis White


HU Vs MSU Spring Fashion from HBCU Buzz on Vimeo.

Feat: Luke Lawal Jr, Brittany House, FAM Models


  1. NIce!!!!!! Howard as always been known for high fashion, but it’s good to see other HBCU’s in the mix

  2. Morgan always puts on great shows! Talent shows, spoken words, fashion shows, plays, etc., we just never get the recognition for it. Shoutout to

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