On-Call Teacher Assistant (Temp)


Washington, DC 20009
Job Type
Full Time
Years of Experience
2+​ to 5 Years
Education Level
Career Level
Entry Level

About the Job
Position Title: On-Call After school Teacher


Program: UPK Program

Primary Purpose of the Job:
To provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for the children that offers opportunities for learning and development in the different areas through the implementation of a developmentally appropriate high quality program.

Essential Duties:

To welcome the children and families when they leave in the afternoon. To help the children get settled in and involve them in an activity of their choice.
To monitor the health, safety, physical and emotional welfare of the children when they arrive. To ensure their well-being at all times, being alert to their strengths and needs as individuals and as a group. To keep the children under adult supervision at all times.
To be alert to changes in behavior, clothing (by checking if they need to change it, if it is appropriate to the weather outside, if the shoelaces are tied, etc.) and physical appearance (by checking if their noses need to be wiped, if their hands or faces need to be washed, etc.) throughout the day.
When applicable, to assist the children during the period of breakfast, lunch and snack, by encouraging them to eat, helping them with utensils and foods, promoting communication among them, and encouraging appropriate table manners.
When applicable, to help the children rest and monitor their sleep during the period of naptime.
To build and maintain a trusting relationship with the children and their families.
To be familiar with and abide by the personnel policies and the program procedures specified in the “employment manual” and the “staff handbook”. To monitor the overall group’s compliance with the center’s policies and procedures.
To be responsible for the planning, preparation, and implementation of the before/ afterschool curriculum activities. To submit monthly plans to the program coordinator for approval on the set schedules. To post the plans when appropriate.
To assist children in engaging in the activities and rotate from one area to the next. To ease the transitions from one period to the next by alerting the children about what will come next.
To manage the guidance and discipline of the group according to the center policies.
To maintain the home-base clean, free of hazards, with the materials in order, and aesthetically pleasing.
To keep the families informed of the program happenings through daily child report, incident or accident reports.
To report to the coordinator and director any suspicion of external or internal child abuse or neglect immediately after the incident occurred.
To attend the regularly scheduled staff meetings.
To deal with conflicts or difficult situations with the group’s educators with the support of the program coordinator and director when needed.
To attend to CentroNia trainings as scheduled by direct supervisor.

Other Duties:
1. To check shared areas such as bathroom, playgrounds, and van for health and safety hazards.
2. To ensure that families sign the daily log when the children are dropped off and picked up.
3. To accompany the child when he/she is being picked up late, even after the work day is over.
4. To submit leave requests to the coordinator/director for approval before the absence.
5. To support the program by completing other duties as assigned by the Coordinator/director of the program.

Required Experience:
2 or more years of experience in the care and education of young children in a group care setting.

Required Education:
CDA for preschool age children or AA or BA in Early Childhood Education

Working Conditions:
A community based organization with a safe and healthy environment.

Other Requirements:
To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals on the basis of disability, it is necessary to specify the physical, mental and environmental conditions of the Essential Duties of the job. The following codes are used to explain the frequency of physical activity:
“F” for frequently; “O” for occasionally; “N” for not at all

On the job the employee must be able to carry/lift loads of:
( F ) Light (up to 25lbs.)
( F ) Moderate (25-50lbs.)
( O ) Heavy (over 50lbs.)

On the job the employee must:
( F ) Bend ( O ) Sit ( F ) Squat and Kneel ( F ) Stand
( F ) Crawl ( F ) Walk ( O ) Climb ( F ) Push/Pull
( F ) Handle objects (Manual Dexterity) ( O ) Reach above shoulder level
( F ) Use fine finger movements

Working Conditions:
Office located within a community-based organization with a safe, stable and healthy environment. CentroNía has a very diverse staff, and Spanish/English bilingualism is essential to conduct business and serve clients.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter and references; indicating the position you are applying to:
Human Resources Department at CentroNía at:

1420 Columbia Road, NW, DC20009
Fax (202) 745-0154

“Educating children and youth, and strengthening families, in a bilingual, multicultural community.”

CentroNía is an equal opportunity employers



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