Tyrese Gibson at Howard University Giving Advice About Relationships

Tyrese Gibson was at Howard Wednesday promoting his new book “How to Get out Of Your Own Way”. Also giving information and advice on relationships.  His words were very powerful and sat well with the students of Howard University.  During a discussing about the different topics of his book with the host and moderator, Jeff Johnson, Gibson goes into detail about the problems people go through in personal relationships.


“During the discussion, Gibson gave brazen advice to the young women and men of The Mecca on family relationships, personal relationships, sex and children.  The R&B crooner nearly incited a riot when stating that to most men, sex is like changing shoes and cheating is almost always a part of the picture. Before losing his many fans in Cramton last night, he clarified by stating that there’re still men in the world that are faithful”

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Photo By Justin Dean Photography

Video by HUReation


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