Spring and summer are the seasons I long for, to go wild in the beauty department. It’s time to experiment! One thing I will say if you’re going to do bold eyes keep the lips subtle and vice versa. Doing both can be total overkill.

Coral lips are a must! Try MAC lipstick in Lady Danger, or Revlon Papaya lipgloss. I always stress using a lip brush it gives precision, so don’t apply straight from the lipstick tube use a brush instead. Remember to clean up any mistakes with concealer and a concealer brush for a perfect to pout! However, if you’re not into corals, try neon pink! MAC pink Poodle lipglass is a fab color! I absolutely hate when darker complexion women say they can’t wear bright colors. YES you can! Just find one suitable for your skin tone it’ll pop off you’re skin like no other!

It’s also very important to incorporate SPF in your beauty routine this is important for any weather, but especially now that the sun is beaming you need to protect your skin. So make sure your moisturizer, and lip balm have SPF in them.

The “No makeup” look is also in full affect, minimalism is KEY! Great skin care is important. So get a good skin care regimen together, also hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water! Add a little blush to your routine, peach blush tones warm up the skin stray away from bright pinks they don’t look natural at all. Or if you’re afraid to commit to color, try a great bronzer. Try a little aqua eye liner its a little touch that goes a long way! Don’t do everything at once try say uh two products at a time! For example; blush and a bold lip colour. Care to add a favorite trend of your own? Or anything you’d like me to elaborate on? Please do share!

~ Hope these tips are helpful to you beauties, stay glam!

By Khadijah Williams