What’s the rave about TOMS shoes? I’ve seen so many people rockin’ them until I just couldn’t help but to stop and ask this girl in the mall, “What kind of shoes are they, I see them everywhere?!” she genuinely replied, “TOMS, they’re the Uggs of the summer.” Having own at least 4 pairs of Uggs, the metaphor she made got me even more curious. The first thing that came to mind was comfort. The difference between the two is that TOMS aren’t just comfortable; they’re stylish, more affordable and help towards the greater good! Honestly, what else can you ask for? Get this; with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need! So you can splurge without the guilt! They offer collections in men, women and youth; ranging from styles of wedges to sneaker-like.

I was itching to get the scoop behind it all, and here it is. In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycodkie visited Argentina and witnessed far too many children without any shoes. When contemplating a way he could help, he came up with TOMS shoes, a company that upholds the duty of one for one. When Mycoskie returned to Argentina he was able to provide 10,000 pairs of shoes made feasible by TOMS customers. Not only do they give back but they also create awareness. On the site, ( www.TOMS.com ) you can register for the one day without shoes campaign. This campaign shows the importance of shoes and how often we take them for granted. Far too many of us have tons of shoes and even some that are still in the box, while millions of children around the world have never owned a single pair. Now TOMS is giving us all an opportunity to help.

Why you should purchase a pair.

  1. You’ll be giving a new pair of shoes to a child, a first pair to many.
  2. They’re stylish, not to mention affordable.
  3. They’re extremely comfy!
  4. Together we can look the part while playing a part. TOMS isn’t just a brand, it’s a movement. Hop on.

Sha’nece Austin “Profashional”