The University System of Maryland Board of Regents voted to increase in-state tuition for undergraduates by up to 3 percent for fiscal year 2012 in a public meeting Friday at Bowie State University. Tuition also went up 3 percent in the current fiscal year following a four-year tuition freeze. Salisbury University, the only exception to the 3 percent maximum, will see an increase of 6 percent due to its lower costs.

“Given the severe recession, it became clear that to keep the quality of academic offerings and support to our students that is expected of us, we needed to impose a 3 percent increase in in-state undergraduate tuition,” said Mike Lurie, spokesman for the University System of Maryland.

“Although we take these increases very seriously, it’s a rather modest amount of money, especially when compared with the severe increases in other systems across the country,” he said.

Lurie said the increase amounted to between $150 and $300 per semester, with exact costs differing slightly at each school in the system. The board also approved its proposed plan to guide a study of the potential merger of the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore. In April, Maryland lawmakers linked $1 million in state funding to the Board of Regents submitting the findings of such a study by Dec. 15.

Article Reference from Daily Record


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