University of the District of Columbia President Dr. Allen L. Sessoms today thanked members of the Council of the District of Columbia for affirming Mayor Vincent Gray’s nominations to the UDC Board of Trustees.  The addition of seven new Trustees brings to 14 the number of filled seats on the board and strengthens the growth and momentum of the revitalized university.

“Having a full board gives us greater traction as we continue transforming the District’s state university,” said Dr. Sessoms.  “The individuals joining us now are truly dedicated and influential people who will be able to help us continue building a great university.”  One nominee, Dr. Ricardo Brown, withdrew his candidacy after accepting a position with the University of Maryland System.  One vacancy currently exists on the UDC Board of Trustees.

The Board had operated with as few as five members in recent years.  But the additional members bring an added level of “influence and affluence” to augment the achievements of current trustees and will propel the university to the next level.

“We are grateful for the mayor’s and council’s support in getting our board back to full strength,” said Joseph L. Askew, Jr., Chairman of the UDC Board of Trustees.  “We have an aggressive agenda, and we look forward to working with our new colleagues to continue building momentum and creating a great university for our students.”

With the addition of the University of the District of Columbia Community College, the University System has experienced unprecedented support and growth.  UDC continues its mission of providing quality, affordable education in a way that expands access to citizens across the city and region.  UDC is engaged currently in a major campus revitalization.  The main campus at Van Ness is being upgraded significantly with the largest ‘green roof’ project underway in the District.  The DC Zoning Commission in June approved the university’s first-ever master plan, clearing the way for a $40 million student center and residence halls.

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