“I wanted to attend a HBCU because i felt like it was more of a family environment and they truly did care and want to see its students succeed.“ – Malik Jorden, c/o ’14 @ Hampton U

First of all, we give thanks to Mr. Jorden for sharing his Hampton Experience and we thank HBCU Buzz for providing the platform to share Mr. Jordens’ wisdom and our thoughts.

It is amazing the power that family has – what is family? For some it is disfunction, for others it is a safe haven from the hatred in the world.  Either way, family is unique and sacred to all in some form or fashion. To have an HBCU likened to “family” is the highest honor any person can give – because no matter what family is always there.

And with that being said it seems that some states want to take that family away by under funding (out of fear), merging with other schools (again we reiterate that families are unique) or simply stating that HBCUs do not need to cater towards Africans and that the past is in the past.

Just think about the power of your own family or someone in your family. What words come to mind? Trust. Unconditional Love. Understanding. Support. These are words that would never be assigned to a majority of the professors/deans at other much larger institutions of higher learning because tenure is oh so fascinating amongst other selfish reasons.

To have professors at Hampton University and other HBCUs, make the HBCU Experience “more of a family environment” is a true blessing. What this all translates into is at the end of four or five or how ever many years, you will graduate as a well rounded individual with a stronger respect and love for your self and your fellow sisters and brothers.

Nubian King Malik Jorden sums up the entire journey perfectly when he states

“My “experience” at Hampton is that students are very multifaceted. Students are able to party by night and still go to classes and do well.“

And what is that phrase that every family has said at one time or another “There is a time and place for everything.”  An HBCU is that place and it is your time.

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