Name: Olivia Russell
Classification: Sophomore
Repin’: Howard University

Describe your style: “My style is very liberal, the complete opposite of esoteric. My style varies from hipster, to ethnic, corporate to classic, or just chill. It’s all about how I feel that morning & that sets the precedent for my style that day. I’d say it’s very impulsive.”

Olivia is totally giving me “pretty girl swag”! From hipster to city street wear she completely owns each look. The simplicity of the long black blazer, tunic, and hat, was chicly put together. I must say not everyone could make it look as “fly”. The true definition of “it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.” When it comes to her next look, leopard print and red will endlessly remain a favorite combo of mine. Her versatility in style confirms you can throw Olivia anywhere and she will shine!

-Sha’nece “Profashional” Austin
HBCU Buzz Staff


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