The School of Communication’s Administration has considered cutting the undergraduate program in Radio, Television and Film.

The Department of Radio, Television and Film (RTVF) recently had a high evaluation during the Presidential Commission on Academic Renewal (PCAR) which recommends that the program should be better funded, however the Administration is moving on with old plans to reconstruct the School of Communications into more of a “School of Journalism”. Instead of giving the RTVF department a school of its own, the Administration will eliminate it all together. Students graduating in the year 2012 or later may possibly be at risk of losing their majors.

“I think its absolutely despicable that Howard would even consider cutting my major,” said sophomore RTVF major, Heather R. Taylor.

A petition has already been made by alumni and friends of the RTVF to help inform students, faculty and staff about this news. The petition goes into more detail about how the school’s Administration has called upon a “Blue Ribbon Panel” to put the plans into motion.

What is outstanding about this Blue Ribbon Panel is the complete absence of students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals in the areas of radio, television and film production. Likewise, what is the need for this external Blue Ribbon Panel after a nearly two year assessment process by PCAR, which concluded that the Department of Radio, Television and Film is a strong academic program that highlights the uniqueness of Howard University, despite years of underfunding? Lastly, why is an outgoing Dean [Jannette Dates, Ph.D.] whose publicly announced departure was for June 30, 2011, currently making dramatic decisions that will impact the entire makeup and mission of the School of Communications at Howard University?

“I wouldn’t think in a million years they’d cut our program,” said Senior TV production major, Gabrielle Martin. ”Howard was the perfect university to study RTVF. It’s the land of opportunity for people like us and I’d hate to see that taken away from others with the same dream.”

The department of RTVF at Howard University is a nationally ranked institution that offers degree programs in audio, digital video and film production and is the only HBCU that has a MFA in Film. Despite the department having an extremely low budget, students are still learning and expanding their minds in the field of media with the support of the faculty and staff.

Alumni and Friends of the Department of Radio, Television and Film will be sending a petition to the Howard University President, Dr. Sidney Ribeau, to prove that the Howard community is willing to fight to keep the RTVF program. They hope that Ribeau will reconsider cutting the program and continue to show support and commitment to make the School of Communication better.

“We should be looking for ways to make our school better, not cutting programs that matter to the people,” said senior film production major, Sehiya Newton-Boyd.

We encourage everyone to sign the online petition to help show your support for the Department of Radio, Television and Film. The petition will be sent to Ribeau via email and snail mail by Monday, August 1, 2011.

Read the full petition here

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  1. As the Howard University
    School of Communications celebrates our 40th anniversary, we are continuing to
    work to improve our curriculum and strengthen our programs to become even better
    than before.  The University has embarked on an academic renewal process that
    involved evaluating all of its academic programs and making recommendations to
    strengthen them.  Our faculty members have been working diligently to make
    recommendations for improvements in all areas. Our hope is that we will be even
    stronger in the future and that we will continue to be known as a resource for
    talent for many of the communications organizations and industries represented
    by the sequences in our School.  Any rumors of dismantling our programs are not
    true.  What is true is that we are committed to excellence without excuse and to
    making the university more fiscally sound to support generations of Bison to





    Dr. Jannette L.

    Dean, School of Communications


    • How is it rumors when the Administration is moving on with old plans to reconstruct the
      School of Communications into more of a “School of Journalism”. Instead
      of giving the RTVF department a school of its own, the Administration
      will eliminate it all together?

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