“This was an awesome experience,” Southern University’s Student Government Association President Demetrius Sumner said after becoming an official member of the system’s governing board.

“I am excited to have a chance to serve Southern University…,” he said. “I think the meeting went very smoothly.”

The Garland, Texas native’s comments came just moments after his first meeting as the student representative on the university’s Board of Supervisors when they met July 22 in Baton Rouge. He was selected for that position by student leaders at the system’s other campuses. He has also served as student member on the Board of Regents, the state’s top higher education group.

Sumner, who was elected earlier this year to a rare second term as SGA president on the BR campus, said he plans to draw on the assistance of student leaders on the other campuses. “I plan to hold phone conference calls and video conference calls with other campuses before board meetings to gain the input on issues important to all of us,” he said.

The senior political science major said his new board seat will provide him with a strong position as the Baton Rouge campus shapes its 2011-2012 budget.  “I will have a chance to play a greater role and have influence in how we deal with budgets and other financial issues involving the students,” he said

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