August 19, 2011, Coppin State University’s School of Education creates center to fast track the demand for qualified teachers. The Teacher Education Advisement & Retention Center, (TEAR-C) is a new initiative to enhance Coppin’s School of Education Teacher Preparation Programs.

TEAR-C will house highly-trained academic advisors who are classroom practitioners in K-12 and higher education, experts in curriculum development, and comprehensive researchers of measurable and effective retention models for undergraduate students. Additionally, this initiative will increase enrollment and retention rates of pre-service teachers. TEAR-C has also developed a Praxis Preparatory Model called PTP, which means practice, taken, and pass, to improve student success rates in passing examinations for teacher certification.

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“We have the secret anecdote to produce more highly qualified and accomplished teachers, and it is called TEAR-C.” said newly appointed director Professor Ray, who is a third-year doctoral student of Higher Education Leadership and Curriculum Development at Nova Southeastern University.

Coppin was developed in 1900 as a Teachers College by Fannie Jackson Coppin. Now, the School of Education under Ray’s leadership plans to rebuild Fanny’s vision and reclaim the legacy by intrinsically and effectively preparing pre-service teachers. Beginning in the student’s freshman year, TEAR-C will align pre-service teachers toward complying with national accrediting body’s expectations of realistic clinical practices. Thus, TEAR-C will build a rigorous preparation program for teachers utilizing the assistance of Coppin’s Alumni teachers and exemplary instructional leaders. Both are highly fortified with experience to improve quality high-access instruction.

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