Name: Earth Gang
School: Hampton University
Genre: Hip Hop

Bio: Many intellectuals and quantum physics enthusiasts consider the world’s uncanny circumstances to be products of cosmic probability. Some inhabitants of this world are perpetually successful and talented beyond average human capacity. People of this caliber don’t view their dreams and goals as defining moments in their lives. Instead, they see monumental achievement the way the common man sees blinking: it’s just going to happen. Two men of this nature are Johnny Venus and Doctor Diego, the founding and only members of the eccentric and insightful music duo EarthGang. The first three singles—“Thump, Thump, Thump” “Opium” and “Miss the Show” are absolutely stellar. With eerie beats and unusual samples, Earthgang speaks on a range of topics; the industry, their hometown, women and the outsider’s perception of their music. Their emcee cadence is nowhere near jigsaw. At most times they are outside of the beat, almost talking, leaving leftover track in each bar. The unusual thing about this style is, the words still unquestionably fit and are undeniably catchy.

09 Miss The Show by giannilee