Black colleges compete for best students regardless of race

  • Is this post-racial enough for you?

In an effort to compete with larger schools for the brightest brains (and make some money) Historically Black Colleges and Universities are aggressively going after more non-Black students. The Wall Street Journal reports that schools like Delaware State University is bringing in 100 Chinese students this fall for cultural and language training while others like Florida Memorial University plan on using its chorale to attract more non-Blacks. They also note that the increase in Hispanic and Asian students attending HBCU’s have offset the recent decline in white enrollment since the government cut many scholarship programs that encouraged white students to attend.
Anybody that’s attended or graduated from an HBCU knows that non-whites have been sprinkled throughout campus for years. But most of the time they were either the quarterback or the kicker on the football team. But this is obviously news to the WSJ. And get this, they also say that more non-Blacks attend HBCU’s because well, they aren’t as expensive. Shocking.
Is the WSJ predicting that HBCUs will get “blind sided” by non-Blacks? In the accompanying video the writer of the story talks as if she’s discovered some lost treasure in a distant land.