Howard University: Small Business Development Center

One of many things that make Howard University’s School of Business stand out from the rest of the crowd is their Development Center for Small Businesses. In fall 2007, the Fortune Small Business Magazine ranked the Howard University School of Business MBA Program among the top 26 programs as “America’s Best College for Entrepreneurs.”

Howard University works close with The District of Columbia Small Business Development Center giving Howard business students the necessary resources to creating and running a successful small business. The District of Columbia Small Business Development Center Network is dedicated to promoting the growth, profitability, innovation and increased productivity of small business owners in the District of Columbia.

The Small Business Development Center will give a future entrepreneur the tools and opportunities to become successful in starting and running a business. The SBDC provides business consulting services, maintenance of strategic alliances, business plan practices, and much more.

Small Businesses have become such an important role in The United States, especially in our current economic state. Since the mid 1990s around 60-80 percent of all new jobs were created by small businesses. In 2005 alone, small businesses created approximately 979,102 new jobs. Creating small businesses is obviously something that turns out to be beneficial to the entrepreneur, people looking for jobs, and the economy. Howard University School of Business is lucky enough to have this wonderfully important resource located directly in the School of Business.

Kris Kirkpatrick
Business Editor