A banquet was held Monday night, August 8th, to honor 12 UDC interns and to thank the Live to Give Charitable Trust Fund, which made the internships possible.  The dinner was held at B. Smith’s at Union Station and featured remarks from Heather Burns, founder of the Live to Give Charitable Trust, UDC President Dr. Allen L. Sessoms, Professors G. Derek Musgrove and Meena Srinivansan as well as many of the interns who were able to attend.  Dr. Sessoms congratulated the interns as “demonstrating the great talent that lies within UDC.”

UDC’s Initiative for Equity, Civic Engagement and Community Leadership focuses on social justice and equity.  It encompasses public service, community/civic engagement, research and scholarship.  The initiative aspires to demonstrate strategies and solutions that revitalize disadvantaged urban communities and their residents.  It ensures that economic and social prosperity are equitably distributed across U.S. communities.

The interns, their majors and the organizations in which they worked are as follows:

  • Brandi Bell (Environmental Science) – Living City Block
  • Natasha Bennett (Administration of Justice) – Washington Bureau of the NAACP
  • Jose Campos (UDC Law) – Latino Economic Development Corp.
  • William Fenwick (History) – Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  • Rosham Ghimire (Mass Media) – Empower DC
  • Erin Herrero (UDC Law) – David A. Clarke School of Law’s Low Income Tax Clinic
  • Samantha Holley (UDC Law) – DC American Civil Liberties Union
  • Angeline Hotio (UDC Law) – Second Chance Employment Services
  • Cedric Jocktane (Architecture) – UDC Archetectural Research Institute
  • Leslie Johnson (Public Health) – Effie Barry HIV/AIDS Initiative
  • Vincent Tanoe (Applied Statistics) – TeamHappy.org
  • Patrina Whitney (History) – Institute of Caribbean Studies

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