Name: Willie Beema

Genre: Hip-Hop

School: Florida A&M University


Bio Born and Raised in Jacksonville, FL. Currently attends the #1 HBCU in the country (FAMU) and is without question the #1 artist at the university. 1/3rd of NevaDry Music Groups Artists Willie Beema is very well known to say the least. At the age of 20 years old Willie Beema has emerged as one of the Undisputed Hottest Un-signed Artists in the Northern Florida reigon with an Major buzz in Tallahassee, FL and his hometown Duval County. His trademark “Flat-Top Fade” has been seen around the entire world with his music video “Facebook Friend” earning a spot with over 150,000 views because of a YouTube buzz. He is also featured with Yung Trap on “She Thick” which has over 200,000 views across YouTube and is played on radio stations in multiple cities in Florida its to say the least a well known song. His rare haircut is also a fan favorite and its an excellent display of his fearless personality. With his diverse fanbase, unique delivery, and ability to always stand out he brings to the table a hell of an artist. Without a doubt a big name superstar in the making. Seach “Willie Beema” on YouTube and check out some of his work.


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