CEO of Ingersoll Rand Addresses Howard University Business Students

“Lifelong learning requires what I call learning agility – or our ability to learn at the speed of change and apply new learnings is a primary determinant of success in our global knowledge-based economy. Learning, and its application, is the primary basis for all continuous personal or business improvement. And continuous improvement is the life blood for long-term individual and organizational success.” said Ingersoll Rand CEO Michael Lamach, on the importance of lifelong learning.

CEO Michael Lamach came to Washington D.C and spoke to about 250 undergraduate and graduate business students at Howard University. The general basics of Lamach’s lecture were the importance of leadership, executive decisions, lifelong learning, and global studies.

Lamach also shared his experiences and thoughts with Howard students about leadership in uncertain times within the global market place and the speed with which leaders need to act. Lamach took on his role as CEO of Ingersoll Rand during a very rough time in the economy. He gave insight on how to make executive decisions quickly and effectively. At the end of his lecture, CEO Michael Lamach took questions from students. Questions ranged from the role of diversity and sustainability in Ingersoll Rand’s strategy, to what makes a good leader at Ingersoll Rand, to how the company has handled scenario planning in the current economic climate.

Ingersoll Rand is a $13 billion global diversified industrial company founded in 1871.

Kristopher Kirkpatrick