Fall is rapidly approaching and nothing is more exciting, at least to me, than that smooth transition from late summer attire to subtle layering for the cool fall weather. When new seasons are approaching I know that people more than likely already have, if not a few, a certain item they keep in mind for fall shopping. I was very interested in getting a male perspective on dress for the upcoming season, so while conversing with several male friends; I decided to ask them what items of clothing in particular they were most looking forward to sporting for fall. Amongst the various responses, the most popular was outerwear. The breeze fall weather constitutes for great play on layering of light outerwear. A lot of men I spoke to said they’re really looking forward to the layering of leather or jean jackets, trench coats, vests, ponchos, toggle jackets, blazers, pea coats, varsities, windbreakers and toques. A new friend, Spencer Edwards of http://porprpostur.com , also advised a color palette consisting of earthy tones: cranberries, greens and browns. I can’t wait to see the versatility of colors, patterns and textures!