Justin Dean HU Reaction

– Written by Tyleah Hawkins – 

Howard University since its birth has been known for its’ involvement standing against injustice. In 2011, this still remains to be true.

The slogan “Too Much Doubt,” has been ringing across the campus for Troy Davis, the face of our modern day movement.

A number of students from Howard, in programs such as HUSA and the NAACP, are taking a stand by holding a march to the White House today until 7pm, the time set for Davis’s execution.

Around 12pm, HUSA President, Brandon Harris, started the protest by chanting “Save Troy Davis” as students were coming together as a group at the flagpole. Hundreds of students were marching down Georgia Ave in the busy traffic as other drivers honked their horns to show support for the protest.

Once students made it to the White House, everyone continued to chant, sing and holding their signs up high as others watched.

“They say death row. We say hell no!”

While many students are angered by this injustice some are saddened by this case.

“This is unfair based in the evidence, and it saddens me” said Kianna Taylor, a Sophomore Human Development major.

Others like Charlton Miles, a Junior Psychology major, is upset about the case as well.

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