A group of students from Morgan State University band together to put an end to Human Trafficking.



  1. No form of slavery should be tolerated and these students should be commended in their efforts joining in the fight to help stem the tide of Human Trafficking; it is also hopeful that they recognize that the worst form of slavery is mental enslavement which engulfs the 21st century Black community.

    Hip – hoppers are searching for themselves, don’t recognize who they are so they relate to degrading type images, they have brought into a lie as to who they are supposed to be. We need to address the lie and remove the deception and present an image of who and what they can truly be. Use of the N-word is a passively slick form of psychological, social, mental, and spiritual abuse; an 18th century slave mentality and should have no place in this 21st century. Hopefully, these students and other students around the country will recognize the need to fight this fight as well.

  2. Sooooo proud and happy that Morgan was the flag school that helped us spread the awareness to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Thanks sooooo much guys!!

    Shalanda Moody
    Founder of The Baltimore Heel A Thon Charity Walk (Rescuing Women & Children Enslaved In Human Trafficking)

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