Attending Central State University has granted me the opportunity to meet some amazing, talented, and well-rounded individuals. Our campus is thriving with great minds who will be successful in every endeavor, and are the future leaders of tomorrow. One in particular created a buzz last year with his catchy brand and logo, and is now “starting a movement.”

I had the incredible opportunity to meet and become colleagues of Christian A. Drye last year at Central State when he was a graduating senior. Drye is the creator of Complex Heart, an up-in-coming clothing brand with tremendous potential, and a message that helps motivate people to the top.

“The concept is very simple. I was always counted out,” Drye said. “I wanted to show all [of] my teachers that they were wrong, and I did in fact have greatness to offer to the world. Of course I’m not the only person who faced this type of situation, but I do want to be the voice of it.”

The struggle for triumph and recognition is the driving force in Drye’s life, and the motivating reason why Complex Heart was ultimately created. Drye visualized his concept as a junior in high school, and became one-hundred percent confident with the idea while in college at Central State, in which he wanted to have a “street wear/hipster” type of brand. By 2011, Drye was ready to tackle new obstacles.

“I began my interest in clothes about my junior year of high school in 2006, just taking chances wearing pastels, fitted jeans, vans, dress shoes, suits, and just being different from everybody around me,” the young fashion stylist said about his personal style. “I had a great response from people, and I knew I could do my own clothes.”

It took him four years to feel one-hundred percent comfortable with the idea. Drye said he had to have a purpose, and not just slapping a logo on a t-shirt and selling it because he was popular on campus. “I wanted people to believe in it and reference back to a lesson I gave out from a shirt design.”

The acronym “Heart” stands for: “Helping Every Average Radiant Talk”. Each symbol on the heart logo has a significant meaning, in which Drye thoroughly explained.

“Your heart is the center of your personality. Instinct, emotions, and personality all come from your heart. We all face trials, depression, defeat, and other negative things. That symbolize the cracks in my logo,” he said. “However, it’s folks who are dead and gone, or even in situations where they wish they can have a “bad day” because there is nothing left for them, and that’s where the band-aid comes in on my logo. The band-aid helps symbolize that you can start over and regain victory tomorrow. Pain is relative things, we have the power to define it. Persevering through life to accomplish your goals is the concept behind the Complex Heart movement.”

Like any other young mogul, Drye is very zealous with his ingenious brand, and hopes that everyone will continue to support him. He thanks his Complex Heart Team, Escoe Sayz, and August Jade for their continuing support, and credits for the inspiration.

“It’s not the best brand, and I don’t want it to be. I do want my message to get out, and I know it will… [Through Complex Heart,] I plan to spread the good news about success, happiness, survival, and most importantly, God.”  — Christian A. Drye

Be sure to check out to get a piece of the movement. At the website, show him some love, and sign the guest book as well.

Contact Information:, @dryehumor on Twitter, Complex Heart on Facebook.