Fayetteville State University officials told state lawmakers Wednesday how state budget cuts have hurt the school, but they also talked about the effect of declining federal funds.

FSU administrators and trustees talked with lawmakers from Cumberland County during a breakfast meeting in the school’s library.

Emily Dickens, FSU’s director of government relations, said school officials know state lawmakers don’t vote on federal programs, but a positive letter from one of them to a congressman or congresswoman would help the school.

Chancellor James Anderson said the school has gotten support from elected officials on the state and federal level.

“We’re going to rely on you to take our message back and be a voice for us,” he said.

FSU lost about $8.2 million in state funds this year, forcing the school to cut the equivalent of about 90 positions. More than 30 adjunct faculty members and 27 other staff members lost their jobs.

The university has the equivalent of 52 fewer faculty positions, and students have fewer course options. FSU is offering 1,192 course selections this fall, 65 fewer than last year and more than 250 fewer than 2007.

The school’s budget is $68 million, about $12 million less than three years ago.

FSU officials told lawmakers about the school’s priorities and strong points. They asked legislators to consider the effect of cuts on public school systems.

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