HBCU Buzz is a promotional-progressive brand that promotes HBCU pride and HBCU unity in order to enhance the black college experience and uplift the perception of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. HBCU Buzz provides the public with the up to date headline news about all black colleges and universities by strategically utilizing references from schools, organizations, and media outlets. We are currently the leading source of HBCU News for all Historically Black Colleges & Universities.
A writing internship with HBCU Buzz allows journalists and writers interested in working with the HBCU Buzz brand the opportunity to become a member of a staff of young, Black professionals aiming to support and elevate HBCUs. We are looking for highly motivated, talented, and dedicated young men and women with an interest in writing who want their work to be featured on a mainstream news organization dedicated to uplifting and informing the HBCU community.
When you are selected to join HBCU Buzz, you are not just another employee. You are representing a brand name in the HBCU community. You will be a respected staff member whose work and dedication is vital to the success of this company. There are a variety of topics staff writers will work on: Buzzing News, HBCU Events, Sports, In Reality, just to name a few.
All interns are expected to be knowledgeable and aware of news and events transpiring in not only the black college student and African American communities, but also of the world news and events as well. It is the job of the interns to educate and inform. HBCU Buzz is the #1 source for all black college students on news, events, homecomings, etc. It is imperative that our interns stay tuned to the news. This is an unpaid internship and there are 3 keys to succeeding as a HBCU Buzz journalist/writer:
Commitment: All interns must be able to meet HBCU Buzz’s deadlines. HBCU Buzz posts dates are Sunday afternoons, Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings. All interns must select a Block in which to submit content. The deadlines are as follows: Block 1-Mondays at 5 P.M., Block 2- Wednesdays at 5 P.M., and Block 3- Saturdays at 5 P.M. You can choose the Block that best fits into your schedule, but once you do, you are held accountable for turning in articles in your Block.
Communication: Please answer all emails, texts and phone calls within a reasonable amount of time. An open flow of communication between interns and editor is crucial to the effectiveness of this company.
Content: Interns will be delegated to a specific column and held responsible for producing original content in this column. However, you do not have to put a limit as to how many articles you want to submit. HBCU Buzz is an evolving company, and we want our interns to grow with us as well. Once you have your article for your column in your designated Block ready, then you can also submit as many articles for different columns as you like. Interns will have their own accounts with HBCU Buzz to have their articles proofread and then published by the editor-in-chief.
Before one can become a member of the HBCU Buzz family, one must meet the following requirements:

  • • Must be enrolled at a HBCU or be an alumni of a HBCU.
  • • Must be proficient in grammar and writing mechanics.
  • • An interest in news reporting/journalism.
  • • Must submit a Full Resume and writing sample.
  • • Current students should have at least a 2.5 GPA, must provide transcript (official or unofficial)
  • • Complete a trial assignment administered by the editor-in-chief to assess the applicant’s writing skills.
  • In order to receive college credit for the internship, please contact the Editor-in-Chief or the General Manager.

Contact : Careers@hbcubuzz.com