NAFEO- The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher education

The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO) is the umbrella organization of the nations historically black colleges, universities (HBCUs) and predominantly black institutions (PBIs).

NAFEO provides an international voice for the nations’ HBCUs to place and maintain issues of equal opportunity in higher education on the national agenda. They recognize that Blacks in America deserve the same attention as any other race.

In 1969 the association was founded and there has been none like it since. I spoke with Representative Chris Lee, who is also the social media strategist of the organization. “We focus to champion the interest of historically black colleges and universities and predominately black institutions,” he said after being questioned about the goal of NAFEO. Lee went on to say, “We aim to build the capacity of HBCUs and PBIs, and help in campaigning for federal funding.”

The most recent movement was a letter writing campaign proposed to congress called Title III and V. The efforts were to keep the funding they provide to HBCU and PBI students of black institutions. Writings were sent to Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. Lee said, “A large amount of letters that we received was from Grambling State University.”

At the beginning of this fall semester our instructors at Grambling asked us to fill out a letter explaining why Title III funding was essential for our university. Budget cuts are common in America; therefore, black institutions need and appreciate organizations like NAFEO more than ever.

NAFEO is a non-profit organization. Their focal point is aiding in increasing the membership to black colleges along with helping to keeping them accredited.

Plans for NAFEO future include an annual conference in March that is open to public as well as a conference for presidents of black institutions in July. Internships are also provided to undergraduate and graduate students.

For more information about NAFEO go to or follow on Twitter @_NAFEO.

Kimberly Monroe
HBCU Buzz Staff Writer