Stop Cyber Bullying (Buzzword Chasers)

Earlier this week, a 14-year-old African-American girl by the name of Amber Cole was recorded performing oral sex for her boyfriend outside of their school grounds. Amber was supposedly recorded by friends of the boyfriend and almost immediately afterward, the video was uploaded onto the Internet for the world to see.

Since the incident, Amber has been ridiculed for her actions on numerous social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and other blog sites. However, there are also some who have made videos and Facebook pages in her dedication and defense. The most recognized of these would be the “Leave Amber Cole Alone” video posted on Youtube that made its way onto many media outlets.

The video has since been taken down and the boys responsible for the recording and displaying of the video have been caught and apprehended, but that does not dismiss the act or controversial issues circulating in response.

Although Ms. Cole claims she was not aware she was being recorded, she has played a role in what could be and has been considered child pornography. There is no excuse for her actions, especially in regards to her age and willingness. Some of you who may read this may believe, like others I have discussed the issue with, that this situation isn’t a big deal at all. You may argue that there are numerous instances where other girls perform sexual acts such as this but don’t get caught or publicized.

This should not discard or diminish the underlying issues, which is underage sexual activity and cyber bullying. Due to her choice in actions and the unconsensual recording and release of the video, she has also now become a victim of cyber bullying. People have made videos, sent tweets and Facebook messages ridiculing and scoffing her. As a result there were rumors of tweets from Amber proclaiming an attempt to commit suicide.

As a young African-American woman, this is a sign for the need of positive influence and reinforcement from elders to younger black women growing up. It is our job to lead as examples and show these young women to carry themselves with dignity and respect. We must work hard to become abolitionists of cyber bullying and underage sexual activity.

Like it or not Amber Cole is our responsibility: our responsibility to fight for the perseverance of pride and self-respect amongst our young women.

Kristen Joy
HBCU Buzz Staff Writer