Since the youthful age of 12, Jay Pluto has extensively perfected his crafts. Before becoming a songwriter, rapper, and producer, Jay Pluto wrote poetry. This gifted individual sat down on countless nights just to work on word play and assonance. Years later he has grown into the capable performer that he is today. Jay Pluto has written over 300 songs, performed at the legendary Howard University Homecoming, and the AT&T 30 Days Speaker Series just to name a few accomplishments. Pluto has also opened for big name acts such as Rick Ross, Roscoe Dash, Mr. Vegas, and Trina, as well as Russell Simmons.

Jay Pluto is a versatile Hip Hop artist; his skills ranges from Producer and Songwriter to Engineer and Graphic Designer. He is currently a senior at Howard University where he majors in Audio Production and minors in Psychology.

Jay Pluto acquired the name “The Skewl Boy” from conveying in your face college days, life and situations to the music industry. After founding and becoming a roster member of the Neotric Entertainment family, Jay Pluto established his vocation as an artist. Jay Pluto's style of music is un-parallel to any other hip hop artist but has been compared to Freeway, Bow Wow and Romeo, along

with others.

Jay Pluto has cultured the art of rap and hip hop and strives forward to paint a perfect picture on every musical canvas that he can. Like Fabolous, Jay Pluto is currently a Producer, A&R, Graphic Designer, and Co-Studio Manager for P'Tones Records, a Warner Music Group affiliation.

Contact Information: Email: Phone: 646-707-5746