For Immediate Release

HBCU Buzz, the leading source for news and commentary in the HBCU community, launched the HBCU Buzz Store on Sunday November 20, 2011. The HBCU Store will offer apparel for all HBCU students, alumni and Greeks so they can proudly represent their university and organization. A new attraction the HBCU Buzz Store offers is its “RUN HBCU” initiative, a triumphant fashion statement for all HBCU students who feel that their HBCU is the best.

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As proud as HBCU students and alumni are of their institution, there has been missing the apparel needed to fully represent each university at homecomings, football games, conferences, etc. The HBCU Buzz Store has been crated to provide numerous t-shirts, sweaters, bracelets, and much more to the HBCU community.

Along with the already popular “I Love My HBCU” t-shirts and bracelets, the “RUN HBCU” campaign has been introduced to strengthen HBCU morale and to promote HBCU pride on campuses across the country. All HBCU students feel that their university or college is the best, and “RUN HBCU” is a way for them to express their sentiments through fashion. The “I Love My HBCU” t-shirts are also being distributed in different HBCUs colors.

Colors have been made available for every HBCU, as the HBCU Buzz Store is prepared to launch its revamped and restocked store on Sunday, November 20, 2011. For more information on the HBCU Buzz Store, follow the HBCU Buzz store on Twitter and “Like” the Facebook page at