Recently I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Jasmine Moses, a Broadcast Media major at Central State University and the reigning 2011-2012 Ms. Black and Gold.

Hailing from Xenia, Ohio, Jasmine Moses started off her college career as Freshman Class President and is a current member of the Central State University Lady Volleyball Team.  In lieu of community service, she has been involved with the Dayton Gospel Mission for the past 8 years as well as actively participating in all of her church’s outreach programs.

During our interview, Moses spoke upon her title as Ms. Black and Gold, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, as well as her future career aspirations.

On why she wanted the title of Ms. Black and Gold, Moses stated that she personally wanted the title because she believes that she can use it as an agent of change while impacting her peers at Central State University simultaneously.

“To be Ms. Black and Gold,” Moses says, “is to join a legacy of strong, independent, intelligent women [with the] intent to make a difference in their communities.”

Surprisingly (since she performed so well), the Ms. Black and Gold pageant was a new experience in pageantry for Moses. She stated that she was simply in the audience of Central State’s last two pageants and really enjoyed it, ultimately deciding that pageantry would be something she could possibly be good at.

Like any other historically black college or university, royalty at Central State is highly looked upon and students with such titles become role models and student leaders on and off campus.

“I must admit,” Moses said, “I do love being royalty here at my HBCU. It makes me feel as if I can do anything, and nothing is out of my reach. I would definitely encourage all of my fellow students to get involved, because that’s the first step to a really great college experience.” As for as her time spent with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Delta Xi chapter, Moses states that it has been nothing short of “awesome!”

“I love the experience and getting to know all the guys better has made me realize [that], aside from being a fun group to hang with, I see our future business men, entrepreneurs and CEO’s all striving to get the best education they can,” she said. “The men of Alpha Phi Alpha are really a family, and they quickly and willingly included me and I truly feel a part of the group.”

Jasmine Moses plans to graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media. She hopes to use her major to do sports interviews; telling the personal stories of athletes aside from their professional careers.  She states that right now, conducting sport interviews is what interests her most as she desires to do what she loves for the rest of her life.

“Hopefully I will have a diverse professional career and will be able to experience many different sides of the media.”