I love scarves in the fall, they add a fashionable extra layer to any outfit. In a season of instability a scarf can be the difference between a chilly evening or a comfy and warm night on the town. This seasons must-have is the infinity scarf, it’s quick and easy and can update and warm up any ensemble.

This loopy style can be worn as a hood ,in a single loop around your neck like a loose cowl or wrapped around twice for added volume and warmth. These scarves can be simple in design and can easily be worn on a daily basis without overpowering anything you wear. The great things about these scarves is that you don’t have to have a specific body type in order to wear it and you don’t have to learn how to tie any types of “fancy” knots.

I am definitely on the coat tails of this essential fall and winter item and have collected many of them for the cold winter months.