Everyone always talks about statement pieces for an outfit but no one ever stops to ask, what is that anyway?

In my opinion, your statement piece is the most interesting, attractive, and eye-catching element of your outfit. They usually reflect the personality of whoever is wearing it and they don’t have to be bright in color or oversized. They are often the first thing someone will notice when looking at your outfit and often become a part of your “signature style”. For me, statement pieces come in the form of accessories: bangles, rings, earrings, scarves , and especially my purses. Adding them to any outfit makes me feel it’s complete and even adds an air of confidence in my step.

So are they a personal declaration of beauty or an overt statement to the world? A little bit of both if you ask me, your style depends how you feel about yourself while also telling the world who you really are and how your feeling. They can tell a story if you let them!

Never thought you’d find out that much about your simple statement piece did you?