Walk the Walk is a created brand designed to offer opportunity & a helpful hand in coaching in creating high fashion models. It is a stepping stone towards achieving every aspiring models dreams of making it in the fashion industry. You will see in our prize packaging that we offer a vast amount of exposure and opportunity. Our main focus is building and creating a foundation that is secure and reliable for those whom are willing to work for an opportunity to become great!


Winner will be chosen by the Judges & will receive:

  • 1. Will feature in a spot on BET’s “RIP THE RUN WAY 2012”
  • 2. An appointment with “ELITE UK MODEL AGENCY”
  • 3. An appointment with the fashion house in London
  • 4. A trip to London Fashion Week on the Red Carpet.
  • (You will represent Celebrity Clothing and Designer stylist will dress you as you appear at each event)
  • 5. Photo Shoot with a world renowned Photography of Models 1 Agency in UK
  • 6. Free Modeling Runway Coaching with NY Runway Coach.
  • 7. Model Development Seminar Training
  • {Cash & other prizes will be presented for the Runner Up’s }

Register today. http://walkthewalkfashionshow.com/