Girls Got Issues: A Woman’s Guide to Self-discovery and Healing is available now. Girls Got Issues: A Woman’s Guide to Self-Discovery and Healing addresses the various problems that women carry with them from childhood in to adulthood. Serving as a “self-awareness” book, Girls Got Issues assists women in defining the issues they face, why the issues exist, and how to move beyond them. Such goals are accomplished through self-assessment quizzes and other assignments that allow women to begin to take a true inventory of where they are in their lives and how they can become more fulfilled.

  • Why do you know about women having issues

“I have conducted workshops geared towards women in both mental health settings as well as community-based programs. In these trainings, I began to notice that we, as women, were often “stuck” dealing with life experiences from girlhood. I became keenly aware of the need to shed light on these problems and begin to assist women in moving beyond our “issues” towards emotional health.”

  • Why/When/How did you start writing?

“I started writing when I found that women would come up to me after lectures or casual conversations and tell me that they wish their sister/friend/female cousin/co-worker was a part of the discussion so they could pass on my thoughts. I decided that, the best way to reach women was to provide them with an actual tool to aid in examining our problems.”

“Regarding my start in writing, I have always been a writer. I started out writing poems and plays that dealt with women’s issues. I continue to enjoy both of those but have also expanded in to the self-help genre.”

  • What is your typical day like?

“I am rearing two future “women” with my husband, so my day usually begins with them. I work full-time as a psychologist and mental health consultant. At the end of the day and with the assistance of Starbucks coffee, I write.”

  • How many books have you written and where do you get your ideas?

“This is my first solo project and I am grateful for the chance to complete it. I have co-authored an autobiography entitled My Journey to Damascus by Rev. Bruce Monford as well as co-authoring a book chapter on mental health and immigrant families. I have also contributed articles to newspapers and magazines geared towards the African-American community and the Black Church.”

  • How do you research your books?

“Between my experience in working in the mental health field, being on the board of NAMI-Greater Cleveland, and my advocacy work, I have found that I am privy to an abundance of information.”

  • How long did it take you to write this book?

“The idea brewed for over two years. When I finally sat down and decided to write, it took approximately 8 months.”

Dr. Tyffani Monford Dent is a licensed psychologist who, in her work with girls and young women, came to recognize the multitude of “issues” experienced by them. In Girls Got Issues, she delves into topics such as sexual abuse, toxic relationships, and stress, with the goal of helping women begin to heal. Dr. Dent is a graduate of Wilberforce University and Wright State University. She is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Girls Got Issues: A Woman’s Guide to Self-discovery and Healing is her first book.

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