Every man should have at least two distinct pieces of clothing in their closet. One is a button-down shirt, and the other is a neck tie, or bow tie. These essential items are more of an investment rather than just shopping expenditures. A bow tie can change an outfit from serious and formal, to playful and relaxed. Also bow tie’s give men the chance to express themselves in a masculine, and direct form. From blood red power bow tie’s to more welcoming polka dot patterns, bow tie’s are one of the hottest items on trend for the next 3 seasons, and should always remain a classic staple in any gentleman’s closet.

With that being said, I recently sat down with a guy by the name of Marcus Smith (pictured above), who attends Albany State University in Albany, GA, to discuss his launch, and very own brand of hand made designer bow tie’s. His bow tie’s are exactly what Style Trend Setters like myself, and many of you are are looking for. His bow ties mix classic styles with today’s hip signature trends.

Make sure you check Marc out at www.JohnDoeBowTies.com or follow him on twitter for more information on how to get your own at @MarkieMalarkey or the store page, @JohnDoe_BOW!!

Check out the interview below!!

What’s the name of the clothing line??
The name of my clothing line is John Doe Bow Ties and we are a custom bow tie line!

Who are the main people in this “Group” or are you Solo??
I am the creator as well as the designer, so as of right now it is just myself that does all of the creative work. However I do have someone to help with the website and technical side.

What was your inspiration to start a bow tie line??
This may sound like a funny story, but I am a business major and we are required to dress in business attire everyday, but wanting to infuse my style into my business clothing I decided to make a bow tie to stand out. The bow tie went over well with everyone, so I decided to create them for others.

That must have been an interesting feeling??
It was, I never intended to have a full line, but many people told me that the bow tie I made was really cute, and they wanted me to make them one.

What kind of pieces center around the line??
Right now John Doe has custom, handmade bow ties with, and we have recently introduced bow tie necklaces. We are also working on some custom hair bows for the ladies.

Who do you collaborate with to come up with design ideas??
I come up with the concepts and bow tie ideas. I find inspiration from everyday things in life then interpret them into my bow ties.

Is there a target audience??
There is no specific audience; I want EVERYONE from young to old to own a John Doe. Dress them up, dress them down, just put their own style and spin with my bow ties!

Where do you see this line within the next 3 years??
Within the next 3 years I see major things from John Doe! I want my bow ties on the necks of the hottest celebrities. I see myself in New York, Paris, Milan and anywhere else that has a fashion week! I believe that you have to dream big to do big!

Do you have a website??
Yes I do have a website; you can visit us at www.JohnDoeBowTies.com ! We have pictures of John Doe’s customers, our photo shoots, and you can also shop online! You can follow us on Twitter at @JohnDoe_BOW and Like our Facebook page: John Doe Bow Ties!

Are you planning or in any Fashion Shows?? Or maybe just a showcase??
I am actually featured in a few fashion shows and photo shoots in the near future! As a matter of fact, John Doe Bow Ties will be featured in fashion shows at Tuskegee State University as well as Albany State University in the next semester!!

For the Atlanta HBCU Fashion Scene, make sure you check John Doe Bow Ties out at “That Old Closet” vintage boutique’s, Grand Opening, on December 18th from 4-7pm. Located at 1198 Zonolite Road, Atlanta, GA 30306!!