Throughout history, the white t-shirt has served its role well as the ultimate fashion staple. Whether it’s worn alone or under another piece of clothing, it continues to make its own style statement time and again. Celebrities have been sporting plain white T-shirts from the sidewalks to the red carpet lately, and we’re loving the clean, simple look. The plain white T-shirt is a genius solution for all of those bottoms you have no idea what to wear with, and that would otherwise be collecting dust in the back of your closet.


Kanye West never turns down a chance to show off his fashion skills. But while all the other male attendees dolled up in chic suits, Kanye opted for an uber casual look. Rather than black tie, the rapper chose a white blazer over a tee, baggy jeans and printed loafers.

Peep more celebs rocking their Classic White T-Shirt Trends below!!