An Atlanta-area school district is suspending all marching band activities over concerns of “inappropriate physical activity” between students.The district began investigating after Robert Champion, a former band member at one of the district’s schools, died last month in what is believed to be hazing at a Florida A&M University. Champion attended Southwest DeKalb High, whose band is suspended, along with another Florida A&M student who says she was beaten so severely she could barely walk.Walter Woods, spokesman for the DeKalb County school district, said Wednesday they were looking at every high school after two incidents during band activities over the summer. He declined to say whether the incidents involved hazing. “Our interest is in protecting students, the safety of the students,” said Woods. “We have notified schools to be vigilant of our existing policy, which is zero-tolerance for harassment of any kind.”He said the students involved were not injured enough to be treated at a hospital.Three students have been arrested in Florida in connection with the beating of Georgia resident Bria Shante Hunter, who told police that the pain became so unbearable in the days afterward that she went to the hospital.

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