Rust College was donated this estate that survived the Civil War (

Rust College is now expanding thanks to a property donation given to the Mississippi institution. Known as “Airliewood”, the property, a Gothic Mansion estate is valued at $3 million.

This is the single largest gift to ever be given to a Historically Black College or University.

Proud to own a part of history and the ability to share it with the community, Rust College raised $750,000 in matching funds to get the property.

Built in 1858 as a cotton plantation, Airliewood also served as the temporary headquarters and home of General Grant during the Civil War.

“Even though it […probably] was built with slave labor and money… in the cotton fields on the backs of black folk. Now, it is owned by a black institution— which I think is redemption,” praised Rust College President, David Beckley.

Located blocks away from the school, the nine and half acre estate is slated to be a library annex to house the school’s artifacts and collections. President Beckley also revealed hopes for the estate to be the official college museum hospitality center and guest facility to host public events.

There are many high hopes for “Rust at Airliewood”.