Maya Barnes, a.k.a. “My”
HBCU: Hampton University
Classification: Senior
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: Prince George’s County, MD

Lights! Camera! Fashion! That is what people think of when Maya Barnes walks into a room. Barnes’s style is a mixture of Urban Outfitter and American Apparel, or as Barnes calls it “Urban Apparel”.

She is a high-waist lover, and she keeps the jewelry at a minimal. “I usually just throw on a bunch of rings. [I’m] not really into bracelets and bangles. I think they’re quite annoying,” said Barnes.

She admits to being disgusted with shopping; she says she doesn’t like malls because she is too much of a picky person.  “I wish there was a store catered directly to me,” said Barnes.

Barnes tries not to be too complicated whenever she does decide to shop. She tends to browse through clothes and snag whatever stands out to her. You can find her browsing and snagging either at your nearby H&M or thrift store.

Barnes says she doesn’t have a “fashion icon”, but Solange is up there in her rankings. “I love her style and she doesn’t go overboard by trying too hard,” Barnes said.

This fashion diva is not into fashion as much as the public thinks. “I just like expressing my personality. I’m not a fashion junkie,” said Barnes. “I don’t prowl on Lookbook, or surf the web for “fashionista” stuff. I might even miss ‘trends!’”.

Barnes feels that people assume since she has been in several fashion shows that she is solely into fashion, but Barnes is also a photographer and videographer, with dreams of one day becoming a film director. She speaks American Sign Language and she is a hip-hop enthusiast.

In her spare time, you can find her cutting and destroying shorts, listening to good music, and cheering for her favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers.