Details have emerged that four Florida A&M University students who were expelled for their alleged involvement in the hazing that led to the death of fellow band member Robert Champion have been reinstated.

The four students will be allowed to return to school since the investigation is still ongoing and they have not been arrested on charges if they exist. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement asked FAMU not to discipline anyone until an in-depth investigation was conducted.

Robert Champion, 26, was a drum major for the Florida A&M University the Marching 100 band when he was found unconscious on a bus heading back to the university after the school’s loss to Bethune-Cookman University in the 2011 Florida Classic on November 19th. Champion was seen vomiting right before he lost conscious.

The Marching 100 activities has been suspended due to the death of Champion and subsequently these four students were singled out and punished for their alledged involvement in the incident.

Band director Julian White was the one who expelled the students, and ironically he was fired not too long after. White has since been put on administrative leave with pay.



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