Celebrities color-blocking

Snow, sleet, and ice are falling across most of the United States, but New York is still preparing for its annual week of sweltering fashion heat with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

One of the most popular trends, color-blocking, will be resurfacing in some of the hottest spring collections. Color-blocking is a new fashion art form which pairs two to four vibrant colors together with one neutral color to create a show-stopping ensemble.

When color-blocking is done well, the bright colors will dazzle and radiate in the dreariest of winter seasons. But often, color-blockers fall short of capturing the spirit and funkiness of the trend.

Here are five simple tips to glamorize your wardrobe with color-blocking.

Socialite Kim Kardashian pairs lavender and orange together for a fabulous color-blocked ensemble.

Memorize the Color Wheel

When color blocking an outfit, it is essential to select colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. If the colors chosen are within the same palette, the outfit will appear more polished and harmonious; this is best when color-blocking for the office or a professional social. But, when considering a bolder collaboration of colors, disregard the wheel and pair tints with solid colors as Kim Kardashian has done in the lavender and orange ensemble below.

Two Colors Maximum

For color-blocking beginners, we recommend wearing two colors that are either extremely contrasting for individuality or within the same palette with one bolder and one more subdued. Go wild in the dressing room of your favorite store, pairing different color combinations together. Be sure to select colors that are flattering to your complexion; this will make color-blocking much more effective.

Escape the Prints and Frills

To capture the true essence of color-blocking, use solid colors without prints, ruffles, pockets, or frills to keep the look simple. The vibrant and festive colors are the focal point of the outfit; allow the brightness to shine. Color-blocking encourages the use of outrageous accessories though. You can pair an outfit with accented jewelry, sunglasses, and even scarves.

Nudes and Blacks, Nothing More

If the outfit has a host of different colors, it is best to wear neutral-colored or black shoes. Most fashionistas realize that the wrong shoe will destroy a look, so be sure to choose a pump, wedge, or stiletto that brings the look to the next level without distracting from the colors.

Shape Mixing is Key

 A color-blocked outfit can be transformed into professional attire when worn correctly, so if wearing strong colors, be sure that either the top or the bottom clothing article is fitted. This will provide structure to the outfit which is perfect for a polished look.


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