They say the university of Prairie View produce productive people, well who would of thought a former Panther would fix a problem they have out in Houston?

Trae the Truth, a Houston rapper, is trying his best to put  Houston put the city of Houston back on the map in the music indusrty. He’s well connected in the underground circut, but since the tragic shooting incident on Trae Day of 09 that left many wounded,  Houston’s main radio station, 97.9 The Box banned the Truth.  The Box was once praised by the local Houstonians for their interaction with the community and the amount of respect  they had for local artist, but now since they no longer play Trae’s music, in arguably the prime of his career, the city has been infuriated with the radio station. His role would have been vital in Houston’s comeback. A few artist he has worked with include Lupe Fiasco, Meek Mills and Wiz Khalifa.  All of Trae’s efforts in reviving the city was to no avail because Houston turned it’s back on someone who was highly revered in the city not only for his rap but for being a humanitarian.  The elimination of Trae the Truth from the air ways resulted in Houston’s hip-hop problem.

Sidney Haynes commented on Facebook’s support group called “Lets bann listening to KBXX 97.9 for banning Trae the Truth” and stated, “‎97.9 y’all dead wrong for this. The man says things that other rappers wouldnt say. He rep for the hood as well as the white collar cat that deal with s**t on a day in day out. I WILL NOT LISTEN TO Y’ALL NO MORE…..”

Luckily, since leaving college 21-year-old Kirko Bangz’s life has been very productive.

He’s released numerous mixtapes, one hosted by D.J Drama (Procrastination Kills 3), toured the country, sold out plenty shows, and by the way he signed with Warner Brothers which is a major record deal.

Following his time at North Shore high school on Houston’s east side, Billboard Bangz attended Prairie View, hooked up with former P.V student and Houstonian, D.J Premier and in no time his dreams of being in the music industry was brought to fruition.

Kirko aspired to be a rapper and began making music at the age of 15. Seeing his single mother struggle was his motive behind the music, and he figured he could use his words to make away to provide for his family. Prairie View, a school who prides themselves on producing productive people, was the perfect fit for him because in recent history they’ve produce quite a few hip-hop artist. Notable former Panthers who became artist include D.J Premier, Dorrough music and the Party Boys. Also regularly on weekends, many local D.J’s and M.C’s of the Houston and Dallas area would visit the campus taking part in P.V’s social life.  With P.V’s party ambiance and Young Kirko’s drive it was destine that he would eventually make the scene instead of hit the scene, as he said in his second single “Drank In My Cup”.

Now it’s Kirko’s time to fill the airways with his voice and his doing it an attractive fashion. He released his first single in 2011 titled “What Yo Name Iz” and since then his approach has caught everybody’s attention. He’s all the ladies new celebrity crush and the fellas can relate to him by his lyrical content on how he keeps it trill (True and Real). Basically every body is loving the newest face of the south.

Some may say he sounds like a knock off Drake, but his lyrics say that his personally he’s nothing like the YMCMB emo rapper. While Drake makes songs about his past love escapades, love is never the topic of discussion with Bangz.

In his latest mixtape The Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa, he shows why artist from other cities and states are embracing the Houston life style. He makes sipping lean, riding clean, and screw music sound so compelling.  Along with his hot single “Drank In My Cup”, he has smash hits such as “Trill Young N***a”, “Knowmtalbout” ft Paul Wall and “I’s a Playa” , which is a sample of the legendary Pimp C and they all have the vintage authentic Houston sound to it.

Bangs is currently resurrecting his city in music industry and it and has attention of many and with Houston heads like Bun B and Slim Thug supporting young Kirko it’s hard to question his credibility.

Although he isn’t a punchline genius, he can’t sing and is often bailed out by auto tunes, the authenticity of his music makes his fans and his peers feel him. His single “What Yo Name Iz remix” features major artist Big Sean Wale and the Trill O.G Bun B himself.

For years the music industry lacked Houston influences, but artist such as Big K.R.I.T, A$AP Rocky and Kirko Bangz is restoring the movement and with Bangz being from the city of syrup it makes him the front runner in the solution to Houston’s hip-hop problem.