Hampton University is hosting a town hall meeting today regarding school choice, fighting “educational injustice”.

Michelle Bernard will be moderating the affair. Bernard is a HU Board of Trustees member, and an MSNBC political analyst who advocates practice of alternative schools for public K-12 education. The Bernard Center for Women, Politics and Public Policy, founded by Bernard, is sponsoring the event.

Speakers such as Darnell Bradford, the executive director of the New Jersey-based organization “Better Education for Kids”, and Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN host and commentator, are scheduled to appear. The presenters of the event will emphasize supporting more educational opportunities for children.

Alternative education, such as charter schools, has benefits that supporters believe will provide better educational options for children, and more opportunities for education that is child-centered.

Parents, teachers, community groups and educational entrepreneurs are all supporters of this effort, and are encouraging construction of alternative educational opportunities that is thought to provide new and better services to students.

President Barack Obama, as well as past Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, also takes a special interest in the many benefits of alternative education.

“In communities across our country, successful public charter schools help put children on the path to academic excellence by harnessing the power of new ideas, ground breaking strategies, and the collective involvement of students, parents, teachers, and administrators,” President Obama said in a Presidential Proclamation concerning charter schools. “In order to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we must win the global competition to educate our children. At their best, charter schools provide us with an opportunity to meet this challenge and produce the next generation of great American leaders.”

Hampton University, a historically black university located in Hampton, Virginia, is continuing their efforts to safeguard all children with a bright future. HU made an attempt in the early 2000s to establish the HU Charter School for Math, Science and Technology until efforts succumbed late in the process once the Hampton School Board revoked a charter that would have allowed the school to open.

The event takes place in the Hampton University student center ballroom at 6 p.m. promptly. All are welcomed.