Every woman knows, or should know the power of the handbag. The handbag serves as more than accessory, it’s a statement piece about the woman toting it. From stars all over the globe taking to coveted bags such as Birkin, Chanel, or Alexander Wang to everyday working women pushing their dollars to keep up with the Kardashians, the Jones’ no longer have enough money. Women have always searched high and low for the best hand bags, and now we’ve found them.

Budding designer, Sonique O’Neal (pictured above) of Albany State University in Albany, GA recently sat down with me to discuss her very own hand bag line, under the monicker “BellaDonna Hand Bags”. Sonique’s handbags fuze together power colors, in fashion forward prints and textures, while maintaining their handbag functionality.

Make sure you check Sonique out at www.BellaDonnaHB.com or follow her on twitter for more information on how to snag your own bag at @DamierHippie or via the store page, @BellaDonnaHB.

Check out the interview, and more pictures below!!

What’s the name of the clothing line?? The name of my clothing line is BellaDonna Handbags

Who are the main people in this “Group” or are you Solo?? I am a solo artist and designer.

What was your inspiration to start a handbag line?? I actually started my handbag line on accident. I made a handbag just to have for myself and people began to be attracted to my work. After so much attention I began to make more bags and eventually I began to sell them for profit.

That must have been an interesting feeling?? Yes it really was. I felt like I had a gold mine in my hands.

What kind of pieces center around the line?? Most of my pieces consist of clutches, totes, and book bags. 

Who do you collaborate with to come up with design ideas?? Honestly I come up with my designs by myself. I love to get ideas from movies or from my community. I enjoy nature as well. I get inspired from other people’s energy.

Is there a target audience?? My target audience ironically is young adults and senior citizens. I am still working on the middle age adults.

Where do you see this line within the next 3 years?? In the next three years I hope to have either sold my brand to a major company or be in a major department store. That would be the ultimate dream! 

Do you have a website?? Yes I do have a website; you can visit us at www.BellaDonnaHB.com 

Are you planning or in any Fashion Shows?? Or maybe just a showcase?? I have a few fashion shows planned for the spring. I also might have a trunk show coming up very soon.



  1. I am so very proud of my grand daughter. You are truly blessed and highly favored and so creative. There is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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