So, unless you live under a rock, have no social networking devices, or was still baffled by Beyonce having and naming her child “Blue Ivy”, BET premiered season 5 of “The Game” and I’m here to give you a play by play, in case you missed it.

The show opened, with foreshadowing of different scenarios that would play out in the story line later. Melanie was talking about her “abortion” from last season, Jason was somehow lost in Mexico, and the bulk of the cast hovered over the “dead” body of the model Malik started dating in Season 4.

Melanie & Derwin

The storyline was confusing in the beginning, quiet frankly, mainly because the show has gone from sitcom to a “Black Soap Opera”. Melanie’s past came back to haunt her last night. There was really no purpose in her running into all of her ex’s because for some reason she still feels as if she has to lie to keep Derwin; all though most of Melanie’s actions are simply reactions to Derwin’s actions. I know it’s morally responsible, but Melanie telling the truth in every episode is getting annoying. She had an out, yet she still told Derwin the truth about the abortion. This is why I call her, “Dumb Girl Melanie”.

Malik, Tasha Mac, & TT

Malik and the super model have apparently been dating heavily, but she relapsed into the drug abuse, and was strung out on last night’s episode. Her “pusher”/drug dealer, actress Jennifer Coolidge, best known from her role as “Stifler’s Mom” in the box office hit “American Pie”, is a new character, who ultimately revives the super model from her overdose. Meanwhile, Tasha Mac, who’s character was lacking in comedy, was torn about dropping her son as a client. She ultimately decides to keep him after a heart-to-heart with TT about “Family First”.

Jason Pitts, and Chardonnay

Jason, who’s storyline has changed every time the wind blows, is now in a “Identity Crisis” about his skin color. New comer to the show, singer turned actress Brandy, played the Bartender, Chardonnay, at a bar Jason frequents. After a minor altercation, Jason proceeded to get her fired, but to make up for her loss he invited her to dinner. Somehow dinner turned into a trip to Mexico because of Jason’s cheap antics. The two enjoyed a drunken night together, and got married. After Jason, comes to his senses, Chardonnay teases him about marrying a black woman, then Jason goes off on a tangent about how he was teased by black women all his life, and how white women were his only comfort.

My Words

The show has never been the same since BET bought it. It’s becoming a little bit to “Black Man’s Struggle”. Just because you’re on a predominantly black network doesn’t mean that the quality of the work you produce has to be lower, or subpar. I just want better writers for “The Game”, and for them to let the soundtrack be instrumental, the lyrics distract from the action in the show!

Peep the Cast of the “The Game” Cast Introductions:

“The Game” Cast Introductions