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VH1’s latest episode of Love and Hip Hop started with Yandy, Olivia and Emily discussing what else but the Chrissy vs. Yandy drama. This episode comes on the heels of a physical confrontation between Chrissy and Yandy about the disrespectful emails from Yandy. During a later meeting with Chrissy, the rundown of what was said during the conversation with Yandy is the topic of conversation. Emily wasted no time throwing Olivia under the bus about some of the things that were said about Chrissy, causing Chrissy to question Olivia’s loyalty and friendship.

Yandy also talked the situation over with Cam’ron and informed him she wanted to be a part of his next business venture. However, Cam’ron knows where his loyalties lie and tells Yandy he needs to talk it over with Jim first. This is why you do not bite the hand that feeds you. Who knows what Jimmy will say after those unprofessional emails and the fight with his new fiancee?

The whole Yandy vs. Chrissy war has to be fueled by something a lot deeper: jealously, bitterness, pride. There is a sneaking suspicion that Chrissy may believe out Yandy and Jim’s relationship was just a tad more than “just business.”

The Olivia and Teairra Mari stories are starting to become more of a footnote than an actual interesting story on the show. Olivia is still a struggling rapper trying to reinvent her career, and Teairra Mari…well, her purpose on the show has yet to be revealed other than the instigator.

Meanwhile, the  Kimbella and Erica “fight” has been brought back to life. Erica used her interview to revive the Kimbella drama after she apologized. Once again, Erica states she is on a higher level than Kimbella and informs viewers that Kimbella has done more porn than actual modeling. Kimbella, along with Somaya tagging along, confront Erica about the comments at her birthday party and the two begin to have an argument of no substance and Somaya and Kimbella are escorted out. The episode ends as Kimbella and Somaya, who was having quite difficulty walking in her heels, walk down a New York avenue.