Mortgan State basketball coach Todd Bozeman (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Morgan State University basketball coach Todd Bozeman is being accused of striking one of his players, resulting in his indefinite suspension without pay.

Although the facts of the incident are not clear, Bozeman allegedly punched senior guard Larry Bastfield while visiting South Carolina State last Saturday night. According to The Baltimore Sun, South Carolina State University President George Cooper confronted Bozeman about the incident after the game and told him he was going to contact the authorities. President Cooper however does not plan to make any public comments about the situation. Officials at both schools are reviewing the magnitude of the contact.

Coach Bozeman continues to plead his innocence, stating he would never hit one of his athletes and although an emotional coach, he shows his players nothing but love.

“It’s definitely overblown,” Bozeman told The Associated Press on Monday. “I didn’t hit him.” As the school conducts its investigation, Bozeman was asked by athletic director Floyd Kerr to have no contact with the team. Bozeman and Kerr are expected to meet next Wednesday.

As a result of Kerr being out of town, he was not available for comments. Bozeman goes onto say “I am confident when the facts come out, they will speak for themselves.” Bozeman has been the Morgan State University basketball coach since the beginning of the 2006-2007-basketball season.