Ronald Simms Jr. (

The Virginia State University Lady Trojans Bowling team has now appointed Ronald Simms Jr. as the new head coach. Simms will be succeeding Arthur Jones who retired after serving nine years as the team’s head coach.

The Richmond native has an extensive background in the sport of bowling. Simms Jr. has served as a leader in the sports: Simms has served as  President, Vice President, Secretary and Tournament Director, all in CIAA bowling. Simms has held the position as President for the Greater Richmond Bowling Senate of National Bowling Association since 2008. Recently, Simms was inducted into the Greater Richmond Bowling Senate Hall of Fame.

Among his many accomplishments, Simms Jr. is currently the Election Chairperson for the National Bowling Association (2008-present), a member of the Policy and Procedures Committee of the National Bowling Association, and is a staff member of Hammer Bowling (2007-present). The champ of the Louisville, KY National Championship Tournament believes a lot of life’s greatest lessons are learned when one is a part of a team. “Lessons that my team will learn early, will not only produce winning teams for years to come but, most importantly, in life.  Together, with God, the Virginia State Lady Trojans bowling team can do all things,” says Simms.