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It’s Christmas time for the Harris family and T.I. wants to teach the kids the importance of giving back. Every Christmas, T.I. returns to his old neighborhood and gives out presents to the kids. This year will be different- he wanted to get the Harris kids involved in the gift giving season.

T.I.’s oldest son, Messiah has written a children’s book along with the help of his mother and his father wants to turn it into a play that the family can perform. However, Messiah is not as outgoing as his siblings. He is more reserved and instead of going outside to play, he would rather stay in and read a book. As the star of the play, T.I. urges Messiah to step out of his shell and discover his inner “monstrosity”. After getting a lesson in confidence from his dad, Messiah pushes his shy demeanor to the side and along with the rest of the family brings his story to life for the children.