Yuri Wright's abrasive tweets cost him a football scholarship to several top ranked universities (Deadspin)

Ever wondered what exactly is too much? Well, if you ever find yourself on Twitter, then more than likely this question will come up. The cautionary tale of Yuri Wright speaks on how people put too much information to be shared on social networks.

Yuri Wright, a senior cornerback at Don Bosco Prepatory School, was expelled for his explicit tweets. From sexually tweets about health class to using the n-word and b-word repeatedly, Wright lost football scholarships to several big name universities:Michigan, Rutgers, and Notre Dame were reported to have expressed interest in Wright but withdrew their offers after seeing the horrendous tweets.

Though Wright’s Twitter page was shut down, many can still see the young man’s tweets online. The athletes are warned about their behavior on social networks and how it portrays the school, but Yuri Wright found that out the hard way. Mr. Wright has recently committed to Colorado University after the Twitter controversy. Still one might ask, why can’t my Twitter reflect how I’m feeling and who I am?

“You can reflect who you are on Twitter, but you have to do it in a mindful matter, you must remember that this is a social network and at the end of the day you never know who is watching. Would I have expelled him? No, but yes I would have kicked him off the team,” explained Denitrices Scott, a Junior here at Johnson C. Smith, majoring in Marketing.

Sometimes you have to remember that Twitter is a place of business. Sometimes minor feelings and anxieties can be expressed, but one must understand the limits he or she can go to and the consequences that come along with being too abrasive on twitter or any social network. “Twitter is a way to expose the young minded. People have to understand that Twitter should only let out so much, people should always care how they are presenting themselves especially in this competitive world,” says Bishop Walker, senior ar Johnson C. Smith. “You never know who is watching and that is scary, so why put yourself in that predicament.”

So to address the question “Why can’t my Twitter reflect how I’m feeling and who I am?” It’s simple: understand what you are tweeting and then think. What message am I sending off into the cyber world? And who will this tweet hurt in the long run? Social networks like Twitter is not the place to be abrasive. Be careful what you tweet.