Celebrities embrace the power of the statement blazer

The purpose of a solid professional wardrobe is to have numerous pieces to choose from, all carefully designed and selected to make you more marketable and memorable to a potential employer. Some students wear colorful bowties while others opt for intricately designed stockings, but one of the most powerful messages that will convey your personality to an employer is the statement blazer.

Your goal is to be the standout in the crowd so the recruiter will be able to connect the outfit to the resume, so choose the blazer wisely. Whether it is black, blue, brown or forest green, be sure the blazer is a neutral color, but has amazing details such as a ruffled sleeve or a peplum hem to capture the recruiter’s attention. If the recruiter happens to be a fashionista, a conversation about the blazer might be sparked – another point towards being remembered and thus hired.

Statement blazers also signify confidence which is a characteristic that most companies are attracted. Pair a fitted statement blazer with two pieces of bold jewelry such as a large ring or a fierce necklace. If you need inspiration, check out Tracee Ellis Ross on Reed Between the Lines or pre-mom Beyonce – and hit the racks with a vengeance.